Summer Solstice

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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for Asthma & Allergies

Welcome to summer when the vitamin D is plentiful, and the dresses and shorts come out.  There are so many wonderful attributes to this season, including blooming trees, grasses, flowers and other plants.  For those sensitive to pollens and other environmental triggers, Universal Family Wellness Clinic would like to mention what often goes overlooked; ‘Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Treatments for Asthma and Allergies!’

That’s right, Oriental Medicine is a holistic medicine that can strengthen the body’s ability to defend against allergen triggers that cause red, itchy eyes, asthma attacks & wheezing, constant runny nose, shortness of breath, headache and more. Oriental Medicine views allergic reactions as a result of an imbalance between the lung, kidney and/or spleen.  In Western Bio-medicine, this correlates to an overall  sensitive immune system, often beginning early in life with a deficient immune system that later manifests via hyperactive immune responses.  While steroid, inhalers and antihistamines are important for acute attacks, overtime they limit the bodies ability to self-modulate immune function and create dependency to control symptoms. Oriental Medicine asthma and allergy treatments compliment Western Bio-Medicine treatment, working at root cause of the immune response decreasing the necessity of medicines that only control symptoms temporarily.  Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine can give the body the resources it needs to respond optimally to allergens and weather changes when they arise.

For most people who have allergies at the change or seasons, with the blooming of flowers or falling of leaves, summer is the time to treat.  Similarly, with asthma which tends to be worse in cold damp or cold dry weather, the summer is also the ideal time to treat.   The important thing to know is that our ‘Allergy and Asthma’ treatment protocol with acupuncture, herbs, and moxa takes time, and might require 8-12 treatments throughout the summer.  The great part is that treatments at our clinic can relieve stress, improve digestion & sleep, provide more energy, and calm the nervous system.

So fear no more, there is a complimentary & alternative therapy to your steroid inhalers and antihistamines.  Moreover, Oriental Medicine treatments are free of negative side effects and will actually strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

‘Asthma & Allergy Summer Treatments’ are uniquely designed for each patient.  We treat all ages from infants to the elderly, so bring in your whole wheezy, itchy-eyed family.

Check out Universal Family Wellness Clinic’s special treatment plans for this summer!  Our sliding scale makes it easy to work into your budget.  We look forward to working with you. Be well,

Brooke Niss L.Ac. & Michael Niss, L.Ac.   Universal Family Wellness Clinic

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