Facial Rejunvenation Acupuncture

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It is a well known and sometimes feared fact that as we age, our once supple skin begins to dry, and the amount of collagen available to tighten our curves slowly declines.  Additionally, our skin is our first line of defense against toxins and any other foreign matter.  Thus, living in urban areas with high smog and poor air are another perpetrator against the health of our skin.   An entire industry has spawned out of the ever-common desire to reverse this process.  Unfortunately, common anti-aging practices not only come with a high price tag, but very invasive techniques that can leave one battered, bruised and/or not looking like oneself at all.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is the non-invasive practice of inserting very fine needles into the face and body, following the patterns of each individuals aging process. Commonly treated symptoms are crows feet, smiles lines, eyebrow lines, sagging, dark circles, and skin discoloration.  During a treatment the acupuncturist uses other techniques including facial massage, and facial moxa, which help to increase blood flow to the affected areas, in addition to relaxing the tissues and increasing collagen release.  Organic products are used to increase moisture distribution and to deliver nutrients to commonly under-served areas.  We strongly recommend 8-10 facial rejuvenation treatments for lasting results.

Due to the holistic nature of Chinese medicine, facial rejuvenation acupuncture also includes a full diagnosis and whole body treatment. This allows for the acupuncturist to better understand what other factors in your life may be affecting the health of your skin and the luster of your complexion.  Such factors may include, diet, stress, cleansing habits, makeup, and nutrient deficiencies.  Dietary advice and herbs are also commonly used to adjust one’s bio-chemistry in order to better support the long term affects of facial treatments.

For more information please contact us at www.universalfamilyclinic.com or give us a call at 323-617-5027 and we would be happy to discuss our treatment protocol further.  Thanks, and we wish you a vibrant week!

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