Clinical Herbal Success for Migraines + Depression + Fatigue + High Cholesterol

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Hey all my herbalist colleagues,

After tweaking and adjusting this formula each week for 3 months I have found an effective, low dose herbal solution to a complex combination of health concerns for one particular patient. The patient is a mid-forty year old female with three kids ages 5-7. Her stress level is very high and her job is 8-10 hours of computer work 5 days a week. She has normal bowel movements and her only symptoms are: fatigue (worse at night), migraines (chief complaint, occiput to behind eyes, 1-2 per week), depression (hx of lexapro and counseling with moderate relief), slight insomnia (trouble falling asleep d/t racing mind), tight neck, shoulders, and jaw, and she has a normal period every 26-28 days. Her tongue is pale and flabby with teeth marks and her coating ebbs between thin white to slightly thick white. Her pulse ebbs between thin, weak, and thready. Her diagnosis is liver qi stagnation, liver blood deficiency, and qi and blood stagnation in the taiyang and shaoyang meridians.

Dose is 6 level spoonfuls (6g) each morning. The mixture below lasts 1 month and only costs the patient $45.00. This formula is made with 5:1 concentrated GRANULES (from KPC, except di long is from Plum Flower).

dang gui shen 12g
dang gui wei 12g
yan hu suo 12g
chuan xiong 12g
qiang huo 12g
di long 12g (great for stubborn headaches)
jiao gu lan 12g (cholesterol)
jue ming zi 12g (cholesterol)
hong jing tian 12g (depression)
huang jing 12g
ling zhi 12g (everything)
chai hu 12g
he huan pi 12g
wu jia shen 12g

Currently the patient has no migraines, more energy, she reports her mood is where she would like it to be and her cholesterol (after diet and exercise changes plus herbs) went from 165 to 127. The first 6 weeks months of the herbs she took 4g two times per day, then we switched to 6g once per day for maintenance and to keep the cost down.

If you try this formula on any of your patients please let me know your results. If you only use patents, I started her on Yan Hu Suo Zhi Tong Pian (Plum Flower Brand) first which helped a lot for the migraines but not for the other complaints. When I made the granules, I switched the bai zhi for qiang huo.

Michael Niss L.Ac.
Acupuncture in Silverlake, Los Angeles CA

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