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Botanical Alternative to SSRIs

This article is meant for practitioners of herbal medicine. If you are not a practitioner it is important that you know herbal medicine is most effectively and safely utilized under the care of a licensed professional. Even though many people have similar symptoms, each person’s root imbalance and herbal prescription

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12 Steps to Better Sleep

When we’re young, there’s stuffed animals, someone to tuck us in, books to be read, perhaps a soothing song to be sung or played, and a hyponotizing mobile above our head to slowly and calmly rock us to sleep.  As we get older, late night studying or socializing occupy the

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Finding Effective Treatment for Endometriosis & Fibroids

For many women, endometriosis and fibroids are a difficult part of every day life. These conditions can be intensely draining emotionally, and depleting biochemically. Additionally, common western treatments such as pain medication, hormonal regulation, and surgical options are invasive and may not help a woman to address her symptoms and

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Stress vs. Distress

Stress is defined as any demand on the body, mind and spirit to perform and is derived from the Latin word stringere, to draw tight.(1) The bodies stress response both enhances function, (either physical or mental), such as during endurance training or challenging mental activities, as well as inhibiting functions

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