A New System of Medicine

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Urban areas are characterized as being densely populated cities or towns, where the majority of people are not directly dependent on natural resourced-based occupations. Urban lifestyles tend to be fast-paced with lots of distractions, whether technological, auditory, visual, or practical. It is a difficult phenomena to stay connected to your body and health while living with the stimulation of urban life.

It seems to be fairly easy to understand why we have to plug in our cell phones, computers and ‘i-gadgets’ to charge, but can we better understand how and why to charge our ‘i-selves’? How do we, the often over-stimulated urbanite, charge ourselves with health and vitality?

The answer to this is what we are calling Urban Medicine. This is a system of medicine where by people address the inherent stress of living in urban areas through acupuncture, herbal medicine, breathing techniques, and connection to the land through urban gardens. This system addresses the need to activate the para-sympathetic response to keep the nervous system healthy. Urban medicine allows for better circulation in the body which opens up space for more energy, better sleep, and digestion and the prevention of long term stress related illnesses like, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, headaches, menstrual irregularities, and chronic pain. Urban medicine explores ways to connect to food source, creating local jobs, education, and healthier affordable options.

Urban medicine is the synthesis of ancient techniques and holistic theories, with modern bio-medical research, botanical pharmacology and urban agriculture.

Brooke Niss L.Ac.
Universal Family Wellness Clinic

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