5 Steps to Balance Your Health Within Each Day

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balance-300x199It can seem overwhelming to face health issues when we are busy with life, work, and family, all at the same time.  Often our health and wellness take the back burner to the immediate demands of our lives, work, and families.  At some point we realize that we neglected our health, diet, and exercise routines and are faced with the challenge of getting back to balance.  The following 5 steps are intended to help you check in each day, so that the challenges don’t continue to amount when you’re not looking.  Doing these five things can help keep your adrenals supported, your nervous system regulated, your digestion smooth, and your mood and energy stable.

1.  Drink plenty of water each day.  (try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day)

2.  Eat breakfast.  Even if its just a handful of nuts/seeds, a yogurt, a few hard boiled eggs with greens, and avocado.  Eating a protein rich breakfast will keep you from cravings sugar late in the day, and will keep your energy from dipping in the 3-5pm time.  A protein smoothie with pea protein can also be a great way to get a dense protein rich breakfast without feeling too full.

3.  If you have sweets, candy, soda, cakes/cookies etc., then balance the rest of your day.  Consider that your “treat” and enjoy!  Then plan the rest of your day rich with protein, and veggies.  This will keep the “treats” from throwing off your blood sugar, creating cravings, and fatigue, and will keep you feeling empowered and in control.

4.  If you ever have 5-20 minute windows in your day, WALK.  Even a brief walk around the block, your office building or your home can boost your metabolism, your mood, and help your body manage stress by releasing pleasure chemicals in the brain.  It is ideal to get at least 20-40 mins of brisk walking or exercise at least 4 times per week.  But, the most important thing is to do what you can and to feel good about making the effort.

5.   End each day with 5-15 mins of quiet stretching.  After you’ve ate, drank, watched TV, worked, written, read and more., take the last few minutes before getting into bed and lay down on your floor.  Take 10 deep breaths into your belly.  Stretch from your toes and fingers to the top of your head.  It can help to make and audible sound with your breath, “AHHHHHHHH”.  The goal is to release the activities, emotions, and stressors of the day and to help your nervous system to rest and relax.  You can do a gentle side twist, forward bend and childs pose.  Always make sure your neck is relaxed.  You can tell this if your chin easily falls to your chest.

Salut! to Balance.

~ Brooke Niss, L.Ac

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